Educational and Development Programs

6 weeks to 16 months
Our infant program focuses on each infant's growth and development by including daily activities for physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. Our homelike infant room encourages the infants to develop their motor, language and social skills each day on their own time!  Our arts and crafts at this age are a site to see!

16 to 33 months
Our toddler program is designed around the understanding that at the age of 16 months, each toddler is now developing new ways to express their need to interact with parents, friends and teachers. Toddlers are encouraged to make independent choices, develop self-help skills and begin to solve problems. Using words is not always easy, so incorporating sign language in the classroom gives each child a voice.

Preschool Program Humming Birds & Pre-K Program Blue Jays

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6 to 12 years
Our before and after school school-age program support your child's education. We provide a homework time, free play (in many different structured settings) computers, arts and crafts.  We work on team work building and encourage problem solving.  

We work with the students one-on-one throughout the day.  We offer a full day Summer Recreation Program throughout the summer months!  We offer transportation to all the Hastings School Districts schools; public and private.

Toddlers Program


33 months to 4 years

Our preschool program focuses on school readiness with a structured weekly curriculum that teaches art, science, math, writing and social skills. We help strengthen their skills and build self-esteem in a classroom environment.

4 to 5 years. 
The pre-kindergarten program prepares each child for kindergarten. The program assures that each child will be ready for the academic and social challenges of the kindergarten classroom. Our weekly structured curriculum focuses on developing, and reinforcing art, science, math, writing, reading and social skills. We help to strengthen each child’s self-esteem in a classroom environment.

For children 6 weeks to as old as 12 years, we provide a safe, fun and structured environment for encourage growth and development.

Infant Program Chickadees

CHildcare & preschool

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